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I originally wanted to be an interior designer until the day my grandpa gave me his DSLR camera. From that day on, I never put it down. I knew I wanted to pursue photography as a career. it started with families and senior portraits, until I second shot a few weddings. I knew I wanted to capture couples on their big day.

My hubby and I met at a concert with some mutual friends. After that night, we hung out a few more times with friends, then went on our first official date. We got married November 1, 2019, got our first dog Moose, and now we have our little wild man, or turtle bug as we call him!

Life has been crazy fun and I wouldn't trade a day of it. Zech and I started this venture together (date) and have grown it into our own family business, serving couples in and around Louisville on the biggest day of their lives!


I grew up playing in the woods of Henryville Indiana, and roaming the deserts and mountains of Tucson Arizona. I’m introverted, and bad at small talk but I give it my best, I prefer to of talk about the meaning of life and pondering philosophical questions about the universe.

I love my family, my wife, my son, and my friends. I’m very thankful for them. And try to not take my blessing for granted. Some of my favorite things include music, films, and Nintendo games. Some of my favorite films: It’s a Wonderful Life, La La Land, The Prestige,The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, and Rocky.

Since I was little my siblings and I always made comedic short skits/film. This taught me my self deprecating sense of humor. This gave way to photography and making more comedic films with friends, which then turned into working on screenplays and making both narrative and wedding films. At the root of my love for photography and filmmaking is story. Every image, frame, and moment should be in service of the story at hand.

All that to say, I’m the videographer/video editor at Destiny Rae Photography. My wife started this business and I’m thankful I get to bring what I have learned to it.


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